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    filemaker 11 on osx el capitan


      Just a quick one, I have a client who wants to know if they can install filemaker 11 on their new OS X el capitan machines?

      whether officially supported or not it would be a lifesaver for them at this stage??



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          Markus Schneider

          we only have a test machine running 10.11 and FM11. Seems to run. Some people reported to have it running, others reported that there are problems.

          would be happy as well to have more info

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            might just have to get them to try it for themselves.. thanks..

            i will report back here.

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              So far I only have experience with FileMaker 11 runtimes under OS X El Capitan.


              With the runtime the only thing I have seen so far that is problematic is that the FileMaker window goes completely white (blank) whenever a button on the layout is pushed.  The window stays white/blank while the button is depressed, i.e., the mouse is held down, but it becomes visible again when the mouse button is released.  While annoying visually, this appears to be a benign effect.



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                Tom, I've got exactly the same behavior but on FilMaker itself, not its runtime (FMP11 Advanced on El Capitan)

                In addition:

                - this happens also when working in Layout mode: the problem here is really annoying because the full layout becomes white on any click but returns visible while dragging or doing other actions. This doesn't prevent from making layout changes, but it's a sort of half blind work...

                - at least in a specific layout, a button in the footer section of the layout activates its script but it also changes the current record to the last one of the selection ! - the current record is not changed instead if the button is in the header...

                Weird behaviors. I understand that using the latest version would avoid them. But while regularly using FMP14 Advanced, in some cases I need to work on a legacy installation with .fmp7 files.



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                  I encountered an additional misbehaviors in the FileMaker 11 runtime (have not tested FM11 Pro itself) running on Mac OS X 10.11.


                  Depending on your system preferences for showing/hiding scrollbars, manually resizing a window may create a window drawing glitch.  Setting the system preferences to always show scrollbars to behave like older versions of Mac OS X will avoid the problem.