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Bug in Conditional Formatting of Text Colour?

Question asked by alangodfrey on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by alangodfrey

We have a report layout that shows the data for a patient.  It is convenient to have a printable data-collection sheet in exactly that same format.  Rather than create two layouts (one with the patient's data, and the other exactly the same, but blank) we only use one layout.  The print script has a ScriptParameter: if we want a blank report it is set to $BlankYesNo = "Yes".  The data fields are conditionally formatted to make their text colour white if the ScriptParameter is "Yes", so we have an easy way to generate a clean data-collection print-out.

Or so we thought.  It seemed to work well, until one time we had spurious data appear in the 'blank' print.  I now understand that the conditional formatting rule over-rides the normal field setting of black text colour to white if the ScriptParameter is "Yes" - but if someone has re-formatted some of the entered text to be any other colour the conditional formatting is ignored - it prints all the data in the red or grey or whatever they have changed the data format to be.  The data-entered text colour has to be unmodified, or else the conditional formatting will not over-ride it.

This has proved a trifle embarrassing.  Maybe I missed it, but I don't see any reference in 'Help' to suggest that the conditional format condition will not override user-specified options.

Is this just me, or could I call that a 'Bug'?