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Need to print all records (form view) but containing list of all records at the beginning

Question asked by smashingly on Dec 16, 2015
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I'm a bit stumped by a challenge that I've not been able to find any answers for with a Google search.  I have a database full of work orders (table refitRequest).  Some of the basic fields in each record are things like Job Number, Title, CreatedBy, CreateDate.  I have a nice layout form for displaying & editing each work order.  I have another list-view layout which lists all records, one per row.  Then I have a dedicated B&W layout (form-view) for printing, and this is working well - I can export it as a PDF and it spits out a 192 page PDF with one page per record.  But my boss now wants this all-records PDF to have table of contents or index, i.e. sort of like List View, at the beginning.  So it would look like this:


{initial list-of-all-records}

Job Number     Title                      Created By

1001              Install widget         bob

1002             Repair Widget         sue

{etc etc}


Then after that list of all records, the one-record-per-page part, i.e. the next page would contain all data for work order 1001.


Obviously I could do this using two separate layouts and just spit out two separate PDFs, but that's not what the boss wants... can anyone think of a way to achieve this?  I'm really stuck!


Using: DB hosted on Filemaker 14 Server. Clients are mostly WebDirect but this issue obviously pertains to clients that are capable of PDF Export i.e. FMP desktop and FM Go 14.  Number of records ~192 and unlikely to increase beyond this as it's a fixed project (2016 refit project for a vessel).


thanks in advance!