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WebDirect Crashing V14 fields locking in find mode

Question asked by ontarget on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by ontarget

FileMaker V 14 (14.0.4) Dec 16 2015

Hosted on FMPHosting Pro's in USA


Unfortunately this is not one problem but several:

  1. Random crashes where the spinner shows on the screen and you have to exit and re-login.
  2. The above problem does not always occur, so I checked with a hosting company and they rebooted. This problem reoccurs on different applications so it's not related to just one application.
  3. in a previous conversation I was having problems with reports missing the first record after the sub summary. After testing, I realize that the reports were originally designed in FileMaker 12. So I re-designed the layout for the current version and deleted the old reports. This corrected the missing elements in the report. But now I have a new problem where in find mode fields that are set to be able to be browsed, and those that are set only for find mode are locked? I checked the help in FileMaker Pro, and found no information to assist in finding the problem. I checked this forum and did not find anybody displaying this particular problem. I checked the field size, check the padding, I even edited the scripts in different ways to see if I could stop this from happening. Is anybody else seeing this issue?
  4. I was also seeing an issue where the canned report script initiated a pause, and when I removed it or canceled it from the top of the screen where it was shown in Web direct it exited the find. Everything that is not working in Web direct was retested in FileMaker Pro advanced in its function normally. I removed the pause portion of the script for the auto report script, but the problem still persists with the fields not allowing me to add them or edit them to the find. In browse mode on the report screen I can click into the field and get a drop-down, or insert but in find mode the field if I click on it to access it in the find causes the server to show the spinner or crash out right. Now this happens on more than one application.
  5. The hosting company feels that it is FileMaker server, Web direct where they have seen this problem in the past on other client applications. I have seen this issue since version 14 was released.