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Dropdown box selection edits record

Question asked by MJMWeb on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by macwombat

Hello, I'm new to Filemaker and am using Filemaker Pro 14.  I'm having a few issues with what should be relatively simple procedures. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something fundamental about the program, but I'm attempting to display data, not edit it. Yet I can't select anything from a dropbox without editing the value of the record it is based on.


I have a table named "clients". It had a primary key of "client_ID", and two fields "Last Name" and "First Name". I added those fields to the view and populated a drop down box with the client_ID records. I want to be able to select an ID from the dropbox and have the record change based on the result. Preferably, it would look to see what record that result is on and go to that record, so if my table is:


Row      client_ID    First Name

"Row 1"             5            John

"Row 2"             6            Chris

"Row 3"             1            Carol


and I select the third row with a value of 1, it will see it's the third record and thus navigate to the third record rather than the first. So Carol will appear in the First Name edit box, not John. I can get it to work using this script:


Set Variable: [$IDVar; Value :clients;clientID]

Go to Record/Request/Page[$IDVar];


but that prompts me to confirm the record selection each time. I don't know why this isn't working.


There's another problem as well, which is that selecting an item from the dropdown list will edit the previous selection. So if I enter browse mode and the dropdown box defaults to 6 and I click on it and select 1, now both Row 2 and Row 3 have a client_ID of 1.  Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?