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scrip, copy & paste issue

Question asked by marcopel on Dec 17, 2015
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Dear all.


I have 2 tables A and B. A script generate an entry on table "B" based on some field values on table "A"

then another script create a new entry on table A based on B.


for example, table A has:


Key A field A1field A2
key Aname Anumber A



after the script is executed table B looks like

field B1field B2field B3field B4
key AKey Bname Anumber A
key AKey B.1name Anumber A


This is the scenario of a greenhouse workflow, table A contains seed entries, the script "plants" these seed and makes plants (Table B)


Now, I want to harvest the plants and create new seed records:

I tried to just create a new record on table A , go to the field A1 and paste the content from the field B3..did not work, it creates the new record, but the field remain empty, also the script increases "number A"  by 1 (but this seems to work)

here is the script:

scrip harvest.tiff

In here the problem is that the value on line 4 is there and ok, but it does not copy (line 7 & 8), it goes in the field but I only see a blinking "insert test" line, the other command lines work.


Can someone explain me what am I doing wrong?


thanks a lot.