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    How Can I "PUBLISH" My Database to the Interwebs ?


      I'm a collector of vintage "jacks" for classic cars and trucks.  Have compiled over 600 photos of a wide variety of screw jacks, bumper jacks, scissors jacks... and would like to publish the entire collection to the web for anyone to reference.


      I've used Filemaker 6.0 for many years and am familiar with the basics and making my own layouts.  The new Filemaker 14 has caught my eye in how well layouts can be "on the fly" uploaded and displayed on smartphones.   Am not looking for end users to log into the data, I just want smartphone users to be able to search and thumb thru the photos ( broken down into 10 subfolders of pics ) when they are out swap meet shopping and stumble upon a possible treasure.  For kicks and giggles a 1956 Packard Jack sold last year for $1600... others much less, with many jacks finding their final resting place serving as heavy 5 pound door stops.


      We're about to purchase Filemaker 14 tonight, can't complain about the 2 for 1 price currently offered.  Called and talked to one of their reps for a while on the sales line... I'm led to believe that I can accomplish my goal if I buy Filemaker 14 Sever, and also create a custom web interface.  


      Am I asking for something so odd that the development costs will be huge ???   I'm damn good at promotion and sales, but dumber than a bag of hammers when it comes to code.  Is there another software package ( mac user ) that would do a better job ?  Let me assure you I love Filemaker and use it daily.  In addition my numerical databases that cover all vintage auto radios since 1925 are also in filemaker, and I'll be adding them as well to the web effort.   I just need to know in some sort of plain english what the next steps entails, and or how huge - small - or crazy this request is.  Thanks in advance.

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          Depending on how many users your database may have to deal with simultaneously... if there is not a huge volume, you may be able to get away with hosing it on a FileMaker server. There are a number of people who have setup servers and charge a monthly hosting fee for you to host your solution. Develop your database as best as possible to be optimal for web performance and secure and simple enough that the general public can use it and then host it on a server.

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            What's your goal for a web presence? If it's just to have a gallery that people can do simple keyword searches on, then an off-the-shelf gallery website like smugmug.com may be an easier solution.


            Filemaker server will get you to the web, either through WebDirect (filemaker layouts directly ported as websites), or via CWP (you'd need a web developer to make a website that connects and gets it's data from your filemaker database).


            The filemaker feature set may end up being overkill for a simple gallery app. However if you want a highly searchable (maker, year, value, location, etc..) and more robust system, then filemaker could suffice for your needs.

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              I would propose another option, if this is not a "cart" and needing frequent updates:


              Because web servers read/write 'files' as it's primary function, you may consider calculated HTML and export to pages. Then just upload as static web site.



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                Hello bright people....


                I'm looking for "robust" that is for sure.   Searchable by items via value,  auto manufacture, mechanical style, and year.   If I have to go light on the smart phones presentation, and then go heavy on the website information offering that is acceptable.


                What would REALLY FLOAT MY BOAT would be a "thumb thru gallery" similar to viewing album cover art in the itunes library.  I haven't looked into "photo gallery" software for a few years past,  and will do that next week.  I have a 10 day holiday break ( part time substitute school teacher ) next week and will look into those solutions.


                I assume I'll need to do two offerings:  1) a smart phone quickie photo reference.  2) a detailed informative html website for laptops and desktop users/researchers.   I'm a semi-retired art director with middle of the road skills with Dreamweaver, but very much in the dark when it comes to code.         


                BEVERLY: Will there be changes?  No and Yes.  Basic visuals won't change.  A year from now I'd like to add an option to "tag" a item in the museum and let others know to be looking "high and low" for said item, and when found someone would like to purchase it.  Evolving from a simple ID Guide, and moving forward towards a "wish list / for sale" marriage.   A pretty museum is nice, but someone still has to pay the bills to keep the lights on.