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    soSIMPLE Calendar Holiday Sale 20% off thru Dec. 31st


      Holiday Sale 20% off thru Dec. 31st


      Happy Holidays!


      Thanks to you, it’s been a banner year for soSIMPLE…


      Record breaking sales, three big product updates, a huge amount of attention at DevCon.


      As we wrap up 2015, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and wish you all the best of holidays and a productive and delightful New Year.


      Let us help you get your new year organized and productive. Our FileMaker-based calendar is up to any scheduling task you can throw at it.


      And here’s our gift to you:

      From now until the end of the year,

      the entire soSIMPLE Calendar product line is


      20% off


      Buy Now


      No coupons to find; no restrictions on the number of products you can buy; even our vertical market license is included!


      So if you’ve been waiting to buy the most flexible calendar available, or you’ve been intending to add a slick new calendar to your FileMaker solution, now’s the time.


      Happy holidays from

      Ken d'Oronzio & your partners at Paradise Partners, Inc.