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Options to set up a dual FMS14 system each with a standby server?

Question asked by hehazelhorst on Dec 16, 2015

The situation is as follows. The network provider of my customer is about to install two server machines (each in a different location but with a fast (fiber?) connection between them) and Windows Server2012 using VMWare6 run the virtual machines on.

Would it be a good solution to have each server host two VM's each running FMS14 and have FMS14 use the other VM to cross-link the fallback server?


So each server would actually run two VM's each with a FileMaker server:

- server A runs FMS A as production and FMS B' as backup server for the other machine (FMS B);

- server B runs FMS B as production and FMS A' as backup server for FMS A.


All this will work only if the VM's can have their own IP adress ofcourse.


Would this be an option that I can recommend?