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    FM PRo Adv 14.0.4: No text in PDF


      Product and version: Filemaker Pro Advanced 14.0.4

      OS and version: Windows 7 Pro


      PDF Export does not contain any text but only pictures. As the Filemaker forum shows, several other users have this poblem as well. Filemaker suggested clearing the Adobe Reader cache or reinstall the Adobe Reader. This did not work. Can't use FM 14 for my purposes any more.


      My work-around:


      Using Filemaker 13.


      Any idea how to solve this FM 14 problem?

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          Thank you for your post.


          What font are you using?  If you create a new layout (do not duplicate) and add the same font to the layout, does the text then show in the PDF?  If not, change the font in the new layout and try again?  Does this work?  If not, create a new database file with one field and one record and add some text objects with different fonts.  Does this work?



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