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    scanning documents


      I am new to filemaker we currently have pro 11 I was wondering can the users scan a document and link it to a record in filemaker then when they want to see the file in pdf format they can click on to preview the documents.  is that possible in filemaker?

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          There is no build in TWAIN scanner facility in FileMaker or any other database software I know of. You need to look at the plugins.


          I used InsideScan a long time ago, but it has not been updated for ages. Troi has Grabber, but it is Windows only. I am sure there are others


          If you do not use plugins, you might look if you can integrate with scanner software using VBScript or AppleScript, but this depends on how scriptable is your scanner software.

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            If you have access to iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch devices, you can use the built-in camera and the container field features of FileMaker Go to accomplish this task. That's assuming you have your solution hosted on FileMaker Server (or you build a mobile version and sync it back).

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              MBS Plugin has scan features.

              You can try it.

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                We just want to scan a document into Filemaker, so when the user does data entry the pdf document would be part of the data entry. I just want a form that  that has a preview capablitlty for when the user click on the scanned document.  So basically they go to a record and not only are they seeing the data in the record they are also seeing a scanned file that goes with it?  I hope that makes sense

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                  If you want to scan into FM then you will need a plug-in or other software to handle the scanning.  FM does not have the ability to scan documents built-in. 


                  If you have scanning software you can use a script step such as open url to open the software.    You can also create a on timer script to insert the document automatically, but the problem with this method is passing the path & name of the file to FM.


                  Easies way without a plugin is to scan the document then manual insert it into the container field.

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                    Does each user have a small scanner attached?  If so, then when scanned it goes to a directory with a generic name.  On the transaction record, the container field can be a button to open a script to insert the scan pdf. 


                    I am not sure about FM11.  In our dept we can to a directory and periodically insert the group of PDFs to create records.  In 13/14 this works well, no plug-ins.

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                      I doesn't need to be scanned directly into Filemaker.  We have large scanners here that I can configure to scan into a folder on a shared file on the server, that's not a problem.  I only want them to be able to put the scanned file in Filemaker and then be able to preview it from a form or something, like a book where they can flip the pages

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                        Your title of your post suggest you want to scan documents into FM.    I'm still not 100% clear of what you want to do.

                        Your PDF can be insert into a container field on that record, by right clicking the container field then select insert PDF, you can also insert PDF by script, and or you can drag and drop your PDF into the container. 


                        FM does not do a true auto fill.   You can place a scan image as the background on your layout with merge field then do a preview / save as PDF.  This PDF then can be insert into a Container.  

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                          My question has been answered I apologize I didn't explain myself very well at the beginning of the post.  thank you everyone

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                            I'm not looking for an auto fill I'm just looking for a form that will show the actual pdf scanned document that's all. 

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                              Good afternoon desireemm1,


                              I hope your day is going well. I have added the functionality you describe - assuming I understand what you're trying to accomplish - to a solution I've developed in the past. The way I accomplished it was very similar to the procedure TKnTexas described. That is, scan the document to a shared folder (make sure the name is unique) and then use a script to look for the named file in that location when it is triggered. If the file is found, the script can insert it into a container field. In my case, the file name was based on a unique value in a field of the record it would be associated with. This way my script could automatically search for the correct file. I hope this helps. Have a great day and a Merry Christmas!

                              God bless,


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                                that makes total sense thank you so much theitquest.



                                Lord Bless you too