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    Found Count Pie Chart changes in 14


      Hi there forum,


      greetings from Thailand


      I have a solution in which I locked the status area - and I simulated the Found Count Pie Chart using a simple native chart ... worked well in FM11, I used it as a button with the same functions as the native Pie Chart. I use a simple calculation - List ( Get ( FoundCount ) ; Get ( TotalRecordCount ) - Get ( FoundCount ) )


      However, in FM 14 - this Chart has shrunk in size, due to what appears to be a massive amount of padding at the top of the chart...

      The only way I can now get a decent size of Pie Chart is to expand it. But the alignment is bottom - and there is no way I can see to either remove the "padding" or set the "alignment"


      I have attached an example - perhaps someone knows what has changed between version...


      Many thanks ...