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AUDIO TESTING in filemaker Go v14 - mic choice seems problematic

Question asked by dealtek on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by dealtek

Hi all,

Product and version = Filemaker Go v 14.latest

OS = iOS 9.2

device = iPhone 6s

Description - How to replicate - Workaround


AUDIO TESTING in Filemaker Go v 14


I set up (for iOS iPhone 6s) - insert from device - type = microphone and when I tested the audio recording - it sounds far away.


So, upon further inspection, it seems that the audio microphone filemaker chose was the mic from the rear back, not from the phone mic (front/bottom), so it doesn't sound as good as it should for 'normal' use.


Simple test: start audio recording in fm go 14 and talk normally to the front / bottom area - like a phone call - and then turn the phone around and talk into the back side.


When you play it back you will notice that the BACK sounds much better than the front which has greater room noise and more distance.


A quick comparison to any IOS recoding app proves the 'NORMAL' mic is the front/bottom mic - not the back.


Now, realize that when choosing video - you have the choice of front or back camera - THIS IS NICE!


So, what we need is either to set the audio on 'normal' expected use FRONT/BOTTOM mic - or it would be nice to have a choice of front or back in script prefs.


Has anyone tested and can confirm my understanding?


I am reporting this as a "bug/issue".



A simple workaround is to talk into the rear - back side of the phone - but of course this is no solution and this needs to be updated to use the front bottom mic for audio recording.