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Import matching to more than one field?

Question asked by AlastairMcInnes on Dec 17, 2015
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We are contemplating a new database and are considering options for the structure. The database will store book details and one option is to have a single record per book and have separate fields for the ISBNs for the hardback, paperback and three ebook versions. This would ensure that all editions of the book have the same basic bibliographic data recorded against them without the need to enter it in more than one record which is what we do with one of our current systems.


A potential problem with this is that publishers will probably send updates to us using the ISBN to identify the book but we wouldn't necessarily know whether it was the paperback or hardback ISBN they were using. Quite probably they'd send the update twice, once for each ISBN and we'd want to import the new details.


I'm pretty sure FM won't allow me to run an 'update matching records' import where I say something like (if imported ISBN = hardbackISBN or paperbackISBN) as a native function, but can anyone think of a way I could fake it?


For example, I created a calculation field which is the result of concatenating all the ISBNs - this allows us to search all (potentially) 5 ISBNs in a single field if you don't know which one you've got.


I can't think of any way of making an import work on these lines, but I'd love it if someone could prove me wrong.