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Standby Server Hostnames

Question asked by Operadad on Dec 17, 2015

I'm looking for input about fmsadmin standby hostnames [blah] [blah 2]


I understand that the idea here is that end users will easily connect (now in the Launch Center, formerly in the Open Remote Dialog) seeing their FM Server with the same name, thus making it as transparent as possible. But this is still a little new to me, so please feel free to share if you have got this to work properly. What throws me off is the instructions given by filemaker:


To minimize the impact to clients, use alias host names instead of direct IP addresses for the primary server and the standby server. By planning the host names for each server, you can make it easier for clients to connect to the production server after switchover and failover operations.

Use the standby hostnames command to set the host names that FileMaker clients use to access hosted databases. On the primary server, run this command:

    fmsadmin standby hostnames primaryHost standbyHost [options]

where primaryHost is the host name for the primary server

and standbyHost is the host name for the standby server.

For options, you can use -w or --wait to set the timeout value.

A network administrator needs to configure the environment's Domain Name System (DNS) to resolve a server host name to both the primary server and standby server addresses.


It's that last bit I'm wondering about. I've not heard of one DNS having one DNS name going to two different IP addresses.
I welcome the chance to be educated