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In my table I have a field called "GlobalTest" that holds text, and I've got one script that is started by a button on a layout in FileMaker Go:



(Some Script Steps...)

Set Field [ AuditTable::GlobalTest ; "StartServer" ]

Perform Script on Server [ Wait for completion ; "ServerScript" ]


For the server script, the following is to happen (the find request locates a single record by a unique number):


Go to Layout [ "AuditLayout" (AuditTable) ]

Perform Find [ Restore ]

Set Field [ AuditTable::GlobalTest ; "FromServer" ]


With this, I would expect the GlobalTest field value to be "FromServer" by the server when the second script is triggered from the first; however, it doesn't happen. The first seems to work, and the GlobalTest value ends up as "StartServer" but the second does not work. I've tried adding a "Commit Records" step after setting the field, but it doesnt work either.


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