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    Constrain Omit problem


      This is killing me.


      I want to narrow a found set in my script after doing a Perform Find. The results don't make sense.


      When I run the following:


      the found set includes records with a Product::Combined Price WO that is empty.


      But, when I run the following:


      which is part of the previous constrain set, it does not include records with the empty value - (which is what I want!)


      Why doesn't it work with the additional omit statementys in the same set??????


      Thanks in advance.

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          Initially, at least, this doesn't seem right to me, either. Let's troubleshoot.


          Is the layout on which you're doing the constrain based on Product?


          Can you click into the Product::Combined Price WO field, on the record that is erroneously included, and ensure it really doesn't contain something besides blank or zero? Perhaps a return or a space?


          Try running the script with just the establishment of the original found set and the constrain, just to be sure we're looking in the right place for the error. There appear to be many steps after the constrain (some of which we can't see in the screenshot) and we should rule those out as suspects.


          Chris Cain


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            The layout is based on Product

            The value in question =0 - see last line of the watch:;


            I stopped just after the Constrain step - see step 16 - and exited - btw - the constrain step does show an error - see red text at bottom - could that have anything to do with it???:


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              When I add a few omit statements to the Constrain action, doesn't it start at the top, omit the records that match from the current found, then remove again according to the next statement one line down etc..etc..?

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                Hmm. I'm puzzled. If you're getting a 401 error, doesn't that mean you also have a zero found count? Isn't that what you were expecting? If you didn't find any records, than what record is showing a bad value?


                Could you add get ( foundcount ) to your watch list and do that second screenshot again?


                Chris Cain


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                  I FOUND THE PROBLEM...  the error in one of the top statements of the Constrain step (I referred to a mispelled variable that didn't exist) caused Filemaker to exit the whole constrain...i guess - fixed the mispell and now it works...thanks for looking at this.

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                    Good to hear!

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                      Yet another case for NOT using Perform Find [ Restore ].

                      Especially when you are asking other people to help you, explicit scripted finds are MUCH easier to troubleshoot.

                      Enter Find Mode [ ]

                      Set Field [ someField; someValue

                      Set Field [ OtherField; otherValue]

                      # etc

                      Perform find [ ]

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                        +1 to Bruce's comment.

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                          I will keep that in mind - thanks