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Naming exported photos & other photo questions (FMGo)

Question asked by AlanMassey on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by schamblee

I've got a form where I'm doing a Punch List (an architecture thing) where you do a walk through of a construction site and note all the stuff that needs to be fixed.  I want to take a picture of each issue.  When I get back to the office I will export the whole thing to excel I want to also be able to export all the photos, but have them renamed to use the record name such as "Item_1.jpg".  There may be items that don't have an associated photo.  I only mention this because there was another discussion I read that mentioned that bulk exporting could have a hangup if not all records have an associated photos. It  may have been an totally unrelated issue though...sorry newbie here...


The other question is that I want to have a button on the layout in FMGo to take the photo.  Right now I have one, but it give me way too many options, (load from library, take photo, etc. etc. etc...)  I just want it to take me to the camera.