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    Sending HTTP request without opening browser


      Hi, hope you don't mind asking a stupid question?


      We have been very happily sending SMS messages using our Filemaker

      database for many years now. We send commands built from the relevant

      fields, using the syntax:





      It sends the first message, steps on to the next selected individual,

      sends their message, etc until all the messages have been sent.


      It works fine, but the only thing which causes a problem is that it sends

      through the browser on the computer we are working on, and keeps opening

      tabs (which can sometimes hang if we are messaging hundreds of people). It

      was set up a long time ago, and we were using a very old version of

      Filemaker, and so I just left it well alone!! However, we have just

      upgraded to the latest version of Filemaker, and I was wondering if there

      is now a better way to do it? I am not an expert by any means and don't

      really want to start doing major rewrites, but if there is a way of

      sending an http command out which bypasses the local browser then that

      would make our lives much easier!


      Many thanks in advance