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    Valuelists appear cramped in PHP API web output- is it safe to add   ?


      Valuelists displayed via the Filemaker PHP web API  look cramped with no space between the values.  In fmview.php I changed

      $encodedEachValue = htmlentities($eachvalue,ENT_NOQUOTES,'UTF-8',false);


      $encodedEachValue = htmlentities($eachvalue . "  ",ENT_NOQUOTES,'UTF-8',false);


      The results look good and I have not seen any side affects- the spaces don't appear in the entries.  I tried to make it so each value would appear on a new line with no success.   It works to use a value list with <br>  after each value.  The <br> has to stripped out by a calculated field, though it would be nice to do this before submitting the form.

      Suggestions, warnings, or reactions to this will be appreciated!

      Thanks- Dave