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FTS Advanced pg 463

Question asked by sharpie on Dec 18, 2015
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FTS Advanced pg 463 Advises about changing your window sizes on Windows Platform.  Mainly it says if you're going to use modal dialog windows on Windows platform to set all of your main layouts to a maximally unmaximized state.  I've figured out what that size is for my laptop, and I want to add it to an 'OnFirstWindowOpen' script trigger to set the window size with maximize option removed and then close the original window behind it.


Since I've figured out the optimum or maximal size for my laptop screen and removed the maximize option, it would be great if there was a way to stop the user moving the window.  This is because if it's moved scroll bars appear in the outer FileMaker window, and then don't seem to disappear whatever I do.



So question is:  Is there a way to stop the user moving a window once you've set its optimum size?