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FileMaker versions has less Lifespan?

Question asked by Suresh on Dec 21, 2015
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Hi All,


Heard a news that our FileMaker 12 version will reach end of life on Sep 23, 2016.? Reference


As per I known compared from another FileMaker versions, FileMaker 12 has some more no of users(by Using Pro, Pro Adv., Go, Server).!!


Now what is my doubt is, I have some more no. of FileMaker Pro licenses with some no. of FileMaker Server Concurrent User licenses.


After that EOL date, I cant use that licensed FM Versions?


Or After that date I cant get support from FileMaker Support team? No more updates, support, development plug-ins will not gonna release for FM12?


One-thing I know that some good technical development software has nearest 10 years lifespan with support!


Why FileMaker has 4 & half years only?!! (because FM12 released @ Apr 2012, isn't it)


// Asked anything wrong, sorry


- Suresh