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32 / 64 bit Windows 7 aaargh

Question asked by glorifindal on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by glorifindal

Hi there forum,

greetings from Thailand.


I have built a small database - pro-bono - for a school here in Thailand.


They use Windows 7 - and I just happen to have a Windows 7 installation. So, I created a Runtime version in Windows 7. Only to discover today that they use Windows 7 32-bit ...

I did not even know that such an abomination existed! (please excuse the Mac OS based humour)


Anyway, my question is: Is it possible to install a Filemaker 14 32 bit version on my Windows 7 64 bit ... and create a runtime that will run on their 32 bit Windows 7?


I do NOT want to go through the stress of building a Windows 32 bit virtual disk etc ...