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Using a imported filename

Question asked by Stigge on Dec 18, 2015
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Today am handling pre-invoicing in my company.

To make a long story short i take loads of different excel cheets and merge them in to one. that one then calculates all the costs.


My first step now is to import this big excel cheet in to Filemaker to be able to follow up on costs, calculate statistics etc. The next step is ofcouse to handle everything from filemaker, but thats far ahead in time.


So my question that i seem not to be able to find an answer on, is if its possible to use the filename of a file that i imported.

Our company is devided in to Teranga codes (like big departments) and also in the filename i have the monthly period. so instead of typing it in

the teranga code and month manually i want it to be read from the file, since the file is always named the same way.

ex: 2015- 07 - 5218 - Pre-Invoicing v2.xlsx

     Date: 2015-07

     Teranga: 5218


Is that possible and do anyone know what command in my script to use?


Thank you in advance..