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get price data from an input

Question asked by bparry on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by Mike_Mitchell

I have two tables.  one is the data form, the other is a price table.


the price table has uid for each price set with an m1, m2, m3 etc for the field and each has a provided data value.


In the form they have a field called damage which they input a number which represents the damage %


that damage number I want to use to look up the price for the %.  each m number in the price table is to represent the % value.


example if I used 50 in the damage field on the form I want it to look up m50 data from the table to get that price damage and output to

another field total cost.


I have tries many ways to figure this out on my own and hit a wall on how to do the calculation.


I tried to use my programming background to make total cost = MTABLE::"m"+damage" but its invalid to do that way.


Any help would be great thanks.