Low traffic in the FileMaker Philanthropy area

Discussion created by mark_baum on Dec 18, 2015
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Hi all,


A few people have posted to the FileMaker Philanthropy area, including one person asking for some help, but finally I'm not seeing the traffic I anticipated. My hope was that it would gather enough momentum now that it could continue as a special area of the community throughout the year. At this point, I'm concerned that it might not get off the ground.


I'm wondering whether this idea isn't of interest to the community -- I certainly understand that we all have busy lives -- or whether the fact that it's located in a separate area from Discussions means that relatively few people are seeing it. I know that many of you mostly interact with the Community by email and rarely view it through a web browser.


Any thoughts on this?







Here's a reminder of what the space is about:


How are you using FileMaker to help others this holiday season? What nonprofit or pro-bono projects (big or small) have you done in the past?


Please share your experiences with the FileMaker Community to help us inspire each other about how we can make a difference in the world using our passion for development and problem-solving.


If you need help with a project or endeavor, try starting the title of your post with NEEDED — maybe someone in the FileMaker Community can help you out!