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Moving external container data to another volume in FileMaker Server 13

Question asked by user22173 on Dec 18, 2015
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Hi Folks,


I have a customer running FM server 13 on a Mac Mini. The original disk is almost full and they want to install and move to a larger disk. The space problem is caused by a single container field that holds a large inventory of photos that must remain very high resolution. The containers are stored externally and are not secured. I think they would be better off changing the base directory for the external storage of this one container field to this new larger volume and leaving the database itself where it is. Could someone offer a best practices solution for naming this new volume and making the changes to the base directory for this one container field? Must this be done using a copy of FM Client on the server itself or can it be done using a client accessing the database remotely? Are there any pitfalls that I should be aware of before performing this move?


Thanks for any suggestions I can get.