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Match Account Name to UserID

Question asked by beretta819 on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2015 by beretta819

Hello All...
I have two related tables, AUDIT and USER. On the AUDIT table I have a userFK field that I need to have populated with the USERID number, from the USER table, that matches the person who logged in.


I am using Get(AccountName) to identify the user and then I am setting a variable to that name ($$username). So I am trying to match $$username with USERNAME from the USER table and return and populate userFK with the ID #.


Someone told me SQL is the easiest way, (which I have no experience). I changed the userFK field to a stored calculation field, and got this far:


ExecuteSQL (


FROM users

WHERE UserName = $$username"; "" ; "" )


The result in the userFK field is only a "?".


Any help or direction is greatly appreciated.