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Maintaining vertical spacing between objects

Question asked by sawhet on Dec 19, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2015 by sawhet

I'm not terribly experienced with FM, and maybe some of these annoyances will go away with practice.  But I wonder if there is an easy way to set and then copy vertical spacing between objects.  I use that pop-up alignment tool (sorry -- have forgotten its proper name) with the blue arrows that shows when things align or have equal dimensions.  But it often does not show the spaces that I am trying to tweak.


Here's a specific example:  I have a layout with field text labels above the field boxes.   The default placement has too much space between the text and the box, so I have been moving the labels down -- moving each of them separately.  Is there a way to copy the right spacing in one instance and then apply it to all the labels/field boxes?


And taking this one step farther:  I have just figured out how to do a custom theme for printing reports.  Is there a way of adding this label/field box spacing to that custom theme?