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Filemaker Go and Stored Files

Question asked by Oedipus0612 on Dec 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2015 by schamblee

Hi community.

I am new to the community and this may not be the proper approach.   However, I need some advise.

I am an OLD Filemaker user.  (Back to #1 and Claris)   I have updated several times but I ended with using Filemaker 6 (I think)   It did everything I ever wanted so I did not update after that. 

Tech has changed alot since that time.

I have now updated to 14...    And I got Filemaker Go on my IPhone.    I have had to upgrade all my old Filemaker files to version 7 so that they could be upgraded to version 14 --  2 step process.  

I have kept all of these files on a "cloud" type facility (Dropbox) so that I can access them with several computers and in several location.


Enough History.


I was under the impression that the Filemaker Go will update files on the source file in the dropbox.   But that is not happening.  They are now 2 different files with different info based on which program I have used to update. 


If anyone out there has experience with what to do to get this corrected (If it can be done), I would appreciate help.


I am an "older" user and that also means "older" in age.  So some of this tech gets above my head.


Please drop me a line at 


Mike  (Oedipus 0612)