Balance Your Schedule & Save - SeedCode Add-Ons' Year-End Sale

Discussion created by JohnSindelar on Dec 18, 2015
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Balance Your Schedule


Our most recent in-app updates for DayBack Calendar adds gantt charts to the calendar and we've been showing folks how the SeedCode Complete starter solution uses this to cascade schedule changes to downstream events in the same project. This helps make sure your schedules reflect reality: and it's a cool little demo (1 min):



You can now add this "cascading dates" feature to your own copy of DayBack by following the simple instructions here.


Save Money =)


Both DayBack Calendar and SeedCode Complete are on sale for 25% off through the end of the year. Upgrades are also on sale as part of our year-end sale. So please check it out and start 2016 with a head start on your development.