Restoring the “current” table

Discussion created by jacun2 on Dec 19, 2015
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In database manager > relationships it’s possible to delete tables. I deleted some unnecessary tables, leaving the (by adding fields created) original last table, the so called “current table”. At last I deleted the current table. The warning says „This … will not delete the underlaying tables or their data“. In the remaining file, I see the whole number of records and the size remained the same. How can I restore the current table??? Everything I tried lead to a database with fields <table missing> and calculations “from <unknown>” and <fields missing>. The new table is no more a “current” and shows under “unrelated“ or “related database”. Restoring the calculations leads to <table::field> and not to <field>. Restoring text oder image fields is impossible, cause there is no possibility to relinking. In FM help is only written “deleting table“ may lead to problems, but no solution. What’s the way to restore an functional current table?