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Padding in Browse/Table view? FM12

Question asked by MarciaMorrison on Dec 20, 2015
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Dear Collective Wisdom,


[Please excuse me if this is a duplicate post, I think I hit the button too soon on my last attempt.]


I'm using FM12 Pro on a Mac.


I know how to adjust cell padding on a layout, that's not my question today.


My question is this: When I'm looking at my db on the screen, at my desktop computer, and I'm in Browse mode, Table view, everything's jammed over to the left edge (or the right edge, depending on justification), and it looks very crowded. It would be easier to read and work with if there were a little bit of space before the data. If I go to Layout mode, I can add space, which then shows up in List view or Form view... but not in Table view.


TIA for any insight into this. (If it's something that's different between FM12 and FM14, that'd be a good reason for me to upgrade, as format matters a LOT to me, even if it's just a screen display that only I ever see.)