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Gap between last record and footer / vertical line dilemma.

Question asked by GeorgeChristiana on Dec 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by TorstenBernhard

I have a print layout that requires the body part to have a border, as well as vertical lines.  Basically a table.  To add complexity, Each column in the table is of variable length and slides, which requires I use one of two band-aid methods to draw the vertical lines.  (Since filemaker still hasn't realized that this is a required feature for many, judging by past forum posts!)


The first method I've seen around, (suggested by Mike Mitchell in a past post), is undesirable because it basically has you create hidden fields that represent what you would assume to be the largest field of text, and overlay them across the columns to draw phantom borders.  The method technically works, but has two major drawbacks.  Which doesn't work for my solution.  First, I am printing to PDF, and those lines of invisible text are still highlightable in Adobe and annoying to my users who will often copy/paste from PDFs.  Second, there is an off-shot chance that the field I assumed to be the biggest may not always be, which would lead to a sloppy print.  Actually, it's more of 50/50.  Not so much off-shot. 


The second method, I call the 1 pixel method:  Using a 1 pixel high (and as wide as the layout) method that auto resizes within the body draws a line from the first record clear down to the footer of the document. Even if there is only one record in the found set.  I only want the line to extend to the end of the last record.  (Giving the appearance of a table, without a huge blank row below it.)


This gap that exists between the last record and the footer is problematic.  I am dubbing it the no man's land.  It is also is problematic if you simply enclose a body part with a border, as it will draw the border around the no-man's land as well. 

Is there any way to avoid the border and lines being drawn through this area?  Or does anyone have a third solution to the vertical line dilemma?