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How to Insert File in container field in scheduled script on server?

Question asked by bdj on Dec 20, 2015
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In our client (FMPA 14) - Server (FMS 14) solution we would need a possibility for FMS to run scheduled scripts in which files from the file system (Windows) are inserted in container fields.  The "Insert File" script step is not supported by the server, but is there a work around?


The 2nd reason is that we have a plug-in running on the server that is downloading the content of selected mailboxes.  The mails and their attachments are stored in container fields.

Next step is that some mails have to be linked with records (e.g. Project x, Order y, etc.)

This linking can be done automatically (based on threads) or if the link can not be found, the user can create the link manually.


Once the link is made, we would like the relevant message and its attachements to be moved to a documents table where there is a container field to put the email or the attachment in.  So this means the message or attachment must be exported from the mail table, and imported in the document table.  Therefore an "Export File" and "Import File" script step are necessary. 


If the "Insert File" script step is performed on a client machine, the operation of inserting the file in the container field is very slow, particularly if you work from outside the local network (e.g. over VPN).


Therefore it would be better that once the link between a mail and the Project X is made by a user, the transfer of files itself is done on the server.


Does someone have an idea on how to realise this?