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    Inspection of Products


      Short Detail: We take in products for refurbishments from Distributors/Endusers every 12 months, each unit will need an inspection heres my problem...Since most of the inspections have the same criteria (Short actions to ensure the product has the correct components) do I put all of the inspection fields in one table and grey out the options for the different types of units that aren't related or do I make several tables which include a lot of the same information.


      Currently I have set up my tables so that when a refurb comes in you create an individual inspection for each of the units given in. This way they can have their own criteria and any components added to the inspections.


      Any advice would be much appreciated.

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          Hi there,


          Your question pertains to Data modeling and even though I cannot give you a definitive answer on how to solve your particular problem, I suggest, if you have access to Filemaker Training Series Advanced, to read pages 16 to 55.


          From what I understand, you need at least 2 tables for the inspection part of your solution (might be more) with a one-to-many relationship: Inspection --< Action (an Inspection can have one or many Actions and an Action is part of one and only one inspection).


          Anyway, I strongly suggest that you build your Data model prior to development. It will save you a lot of work down the line and your solution will be better suited to your needs and will perform better.


          Hope that helps.

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            Thanks, I've checked the book and think I've come to some understanding of how to layout these tables.