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    create menu system



      I'm new to filemaker.

      I need to create a food menu choice system. This means that I want peoples be able to chois between two differents menu with a list of names and a checkbox to choose from. Is this possible with filemaker and, if yes, how to do.


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          Sounds feasible.  But we do not have enough information about your setup to help put it together.  What do you have and what have you tried?

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            Thanks for your reply.

            Ok, I try to explain more in detail.

            What I need is a layout with a list of peoples and for every of them a checkbox or radiobox that track the choise between menu 1 and menu 2.

            What I have done until now:

            • Create PEOPLES table
            • Create MENU table
            • Create PEOPLES_MENU_joinTable that track the daily choises

            I create a layout for the PEOPLES_MENU_joinTable and made two portals one for PEOPLES and one for MENU.

            Now, how can I create checkboxes that are linked to daily menu and store the choise (please see the attachment)?