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Help with Execute SQL Query ...   Tax Calculation based on payments within fiscal year

Question asked by binu.alexander on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by okramis

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I am trying to Calculate Tax Deduction (TDS)  in the Invoices Table.  The Table Schema is shown above .


In Case a single Transaction ( TotalTransaction is > 30000 )   a OneTime_TDS of  1% is  calculated  ( CALC SHOWN ABOVE )


In Case Sum of all    NetAmount Paid  ( in Current Fiscal Year i.e 1 April to 31 March   ) for a single Translator ( fk_Translator_ID )  is > 75000        Annual TDS of 1% needs to be calculated     (  CALC ATTEMPTED  ABOVE for Field Marked RED )


I think it can be done using ExecuteSQL   or maybe even natively  ....      I am not able to figure it out ...   I tried unsuccesfuly


Please give suggestions ... Thanks