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    Freezes on Creating a New Record


      Filemaker 14.0.4

      Mac OS X 10.11.1 (Build 15B42)

      Database hosted on a Windows Server


      When we attempt to create a new record the database freezes and we have to force quit.


      The issue occurs for several employees and happens to us if we use Filemaker 12 or 13 as well.

      I turned the file off on the server, downloaded it, recovered it and it still froze up.


      I have saved the crash reports if you need to see them.

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          Thank you for your post.


          If you could provide a little more information so that I may help narrow down the issue:

          - Is the issue occurring only in the "problem" file or is this issue occurring in new files or new starter solutions?

          - Are you using any third-party plug-ins and does the issue persist if they are removed?

          - Have you tried hosting a recovered clone of your database file? (save a copy as a clone, then recover the clone)

               - Does the issue continue in a clone of the file?

                    - If not, you can import the data from the "problem" database and possibly continue without a problem.


          I look forward to your response.



          FileMaker, Inc.