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    Multiple pictures related to single portal row


      Good news... I'm almost finished with the project.


      I am creating an equipment audit database. An audit record can have multiple "elements" (pieces of equipment). During the audit, the auditor may generate multiple photos of each one element.


      Right now I have these related tables:

      • Main table (AUDIT)
      • Element Table
      • Element to Audit join table
      • Media table


      I have a portal writing to the Element/Audit join table to match the audit and the elements. The media table is related to the join table, and I have the media::media field in the portal. (I hope that makes sense its hard to describe this stuff)


      Currently everything works... I can create a new audit record that has multiple related elements. However, I am only able to add one photo to one element portal row.



      What is a direction that I can take to allow the user to be able to add multiple photos that are related to each element record or portal row?


      Ideally I would be able to add a portal within the portal, but since apparently you cannot put a portal into a portal I am stumped with how to do this. I did try to create a popover button inside the portal that had a portal to the media table. That worked so i could add multiple photos into the media table that were related to the one portal record, but it didn't allow for new buttons for each line of the portal.


      Thank you in advance!

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          I'm a fan of collapsible list views for things like this:

          How to make a Collapsible List in FileMaker List View - Soliant Consulting


          It requires a join "shadow" table to make it work but the user experience is good. However this is not really a portal inside of a portal.


          Ultimately you will have to go to the related record from the portal to another screen to have access to a sub-portal to add your images.


          The best suggestion is to use simple navigation and layout indicators so that your users can easily switch between the two layouts. This could be as simple as an "expand" button in your main portal, and a "close" button on your secondary layout.

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            Thanks Mike!


            So a follow-up if I may... Right now the portal on the main layout is related and writes to a JOIN table as it is a many to many relationship. So the join has an ID Field, an AuditFK field, and an ElementFK field. The pictures should be related to an Element that is related a specific audit, since multiple audits will inevitably include the same element.


            So, in the media table, am I correct that I would need to create both an auditFK and elementFK, and then relate them both to their respective FKs in the JOIN table in order to have the multiple pictures related to the element in the one audit?

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              ... And don't know if this is related to this question or if I should start a new thread, but I just realized something weird is happening. In the portal that goes to the JOIN, if I choose two different elements, both elements are added to the JOIN (i.e. AuditFK # and ElementFK #), but once the record is committed the second entry disappears from the portal. The record remains in the JOIN, but isn't visible in the portal. Same happens if I add a third, where only the first stays visible.


              The relationship between the main audit table and the join says auditID = AuditFK AND elementFK = ElementFK. Is that not correct?


              At this point I am so confused.

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                Disregard the second post about the disappearing rows. It was a relationship issue.

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                  If that's how your media table works, then indeed, you should have both of those keys established. Originally you had posted that it was just related to an element, meaning that media should be accessible to any Audit that an element is attached to.


                  Currently your structure is:

                  Audits >--JOIN--< Elements --< Media

                  or expanded:

                  Audits::AuditPK >-- JOIN::AuditFK | JOIN::ElementFK --< Elements::ElementPK --< Media::ElementFK


                  Essentially what you're asking for is media to only ever be attached to a single audit/element combination, correct?


                  Since you will be adding both keys to your table, then you can establish one-to-many relationships from either elements or audits to show a portal of related media.


                  Audits::AuditPK --< Media::AuditFK

                  Elements::ElementPK --< Media::ElementFK


                  You could even setup something using the media table as a join itself, say if you wanted to display a portal of audit media, with related element info:


                  Audits::AuditPK --< Media::AuditFK | Media::ElementFK --< Elements::ElementPK

                  With the Media table being your portal, you would be able to display data from elements in your portal.