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Multiple pictures related to single portal row

Question asked by beretta819 on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by mikebeargie

Good news... I'm almost finished with the project.


I am creating an equipment audit database. An audit record can have multiple "elements" (pieces of equipment). During the audit, the auditor may generate multiple photos of each one element.


Right now I have these related tables:

  • Main table (AUDIT)
  • Element Table
  • Element to Audit join table
  • Media table


I have a portal writing to the Element/Audit join table to match the audit and the elements. The media table is related to the join table, and I have the media::media field in the portal. (I hope that makes sense its hard to describe this stuff)


Currently everything works... I can create a new audit record that has multiple related elements. However, I am only able to add one photo to one element portal row.



What is a direction that I can take to allow the user to be able to add multiple photos that are related to each element record or portal row?


Ideally I would be able to add a portal within the portal, but since apparently you cannot put a portal into a portal I am stumped with how to do this. I did try to create a popover button inside the portal that had a portal to the media table. That worked so i could add multiple photos into the media table that were related to the one portal record, but it didn't allow for new buttons for each line of the portal.


Thank you in advance!