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How to keep FM14 server from utf-8 coding SMTP From field

Question asked by ralvy on Dec 22, 2015

I've seen this discussed elsewhere, in much older threads, so would like to bring it up again. Is there a way to script a Send Email step that uses SMTP Server so that the From field isn't sent utf-8 encoded when this is done on Server? I have no access to the server software, as I'm using a cloud server account. I must manipulate this all via scripting.


The only way I have found to sort of work around this is to leave the From field blank and include the sender's name in the email address field, like this:


"John Doe <>"


That will not fix the From field UTF-8 problem, as seen in a Raw Message viewer, but most email clients will use "John Doe" in the From field in their nonRaw Message viewer. However, I hear some email servers will reject an incoming message that has a UTF-8 coded From field.