Sending an attachemnt FROM FIELD in email message?

Discussion created by disabled_morkus on Dec 21, 2015
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When doing a send email script step, I would like to include a container field's data, if not empty, as the email attachment. In my case, this is always a small image file.


I tried creating an $image variable that points to the container field and then using that variable in the attachment variable part of the send email script step, but it looks like FM only wants an actual disk path to a file. So, if you use a variable it seems to be a value to a disk path but not a container field in the current record.


In any case, when I tried to reference the container field in the $image variable, and then referenced that variable in the attachment portion of the send email script step, the email, as expected got sent, but not the attachment.


So, is it possible to refer to a field in some way to add it as the email attachment? I must be missing something since this seems like an obvious use-case.


I'm using FMP 13 Adv.


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