Filemaker 14 First Portal Row Bug

Discussion created by loomy18 on Dec 22, 2015
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Hello Filemaker Friends!


I am running into an issue in Filemaker 14 and I can't trace it down to anything within my solutions.  The first portal row on the first instance of creating a record via a portal in Filemaker (after opening Filemaker each time) is not being picked up by ExecuteSQL.  I am trying to sum up a portal to a total price.  The portal row does have the proper foreign key stored and is being assigned an ID, but for some reason when I am summing up the portal using the foreign key the first rows value is not included in the sum.  If I restart Filemaker, the record exists so it is saving, but it still can picked up by my ExecuteSQL select statement.


This is a major issue and I feel like it is an issue with the client itself.  Does anyone have a workaround?