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    Help Getting results from a API


      Hi All,


      Wonder if anyone can help me, Not sure where to start or how to ask which doesn't help much. Basically I would like to be able to display data from another cloud service in my filemaker solution. The cloud service has a open API and created a App ID, App Secret, access token & refresh token.


      On the website it has a test tool which show examples

      The site shows a example like this


      GET /users HTTP/1.1

      Host: api.siteurl.com

      Authorization: Bearer oJ_7Hj.f-F3f.kL

      X-Version: 1.0


      This returns


      { "result": "success", "users": [ { "id": 955634, "firstName": "Administrator", "lastName": "url", "companyName": " South", "email": "administrator@url.co.uk", "phone": "", "mobile": "07784 1111111", "hourlyRate": 0, "active": 1, "deleted": false, "colour": "#99cc33", "created": "2015-12-17T16:34:26+00:00", "modified": "2015-12-19T15:17:06+00:00", "isAssignable": true, "avatarUrl": "https://www.url.com/images/mobithumb_955634.jpg", "role": { "id": 1 }, "account": { "id": 33498 }, "status": { "message": "", "timestamp": "2015-12-19T15:17:06+00:00" } }, { "id": 955713, "firstName": "Fixer", "lastName": "1", "companyName": "South", "email": "Fixer1@url.co.uk", "phone": "", "mobile": "0777777777", "hourlyRate": 0, "active": 1, "deleted": false, "colour": "#FBA710", "created": "2015-12-18T20:31:02+00:00", "modified": "2015-12-19T08:44:23+00:00", "isAssignable": true, "avatarUrl": "https://www.url.com/images/mobithumb_955713.jpg", "role": { "id": 4678 }, "account": { "id": 33498 }, "status": { "message": "", "timestamp": "2015-12-18T20:36:12+00:00" } }, { "id": 955756, "firstName": "fixer", "lastName": "2", "companyName": "", "email": "fixer2@unjam.it", "phone": "", "mobile": "07775 121111", "hourlyRate": 0, "active": 1, "deleted": false, "colour": "#35A935", "created": "2015-12-19T15:20:57+00:00", "modified": "2015-12-19T15:20:57+00:00", "isAssignable": true, "avatarUrl": "https://www.url.com/images/mobithumb_955756.jpg", "role": { "id": 3 }, "account": { "id": 33498 }, "status": { "message": "", "timestamp": "2015-12-19T15:20:57+00:00" } } ], "metadata": { "page": 1, "recordsPerPage": 20 } }

      So here's my questions are.

      Is it possible to parse this sort of request from filemaker? with Insert from Url.

      If yes how is it formatted

      How best to display the information returned in filemaker.


      Hopefully someone can help or point me in the right direction. I've watched a few videos but still drawing a blank. Would also like to POST and PATCH to the cloud service to, I'm hoping if I can get the first bit working I'll be able to work the rest.


      Thank you in advance for any help.


      Oh running Filemaker Server 14 and Filemaker Advanced 14