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    FileMaker 14.0.4 -- Mac Copy & Paste Bug

      I just noticed today that when I went to copy & paste a line of text in a notes field (that notes field had very little text), nothing happened on CMD+V (paste).


      I had been working in this small FM database for a few minutes on a machine with 16 GB RAM / 700 GB free disk space. No other apps were running at the time.


      Restarting FM solved the immediate issue but also confirmed my initial problem was a FM bug.


      Since I don't have a copy of the bug database, not sure if this has already been reported.




      - m

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          Thank you for your post.


          There are some known issues which involve commands not working as expected. If you could provide a little further information:

          - Did the issue occur after printing or saving records as PDF?

          - When this issue occurs, are the Copy and Paste commands still available under the Edit Menu?

          - Do you have further information on your activities before the issue occurred?


          I look forward to your response.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            No, I hadn't done any printing of PDF records, but I did export a ZIP file from a container field so I could update it then drag it back to the container field.


            Should this issue happen again, I'll check the edit menu to see if the copy and paste commands are still there.


            Basically, I was navigating between two layouts comparing information and then updating a text field with additional text. The text field only had about 20 lines of text total in it.


            I've bookmarked this page and will update this posting with any additional information.


            (Fortunately, the several 13 Adv bugs I was experiencing under El Capitan all appear to be, happily, resolved now.)




            P.S. I had also noticed an issue (possibly in 14.0.3) when the Inspector would refuse to display regardless of how many times I clicked the "i" button. I had downloaded a trial copy of FM 14 to verify if an annoying bug in 13 Adv was fixed when I noticed this new bug. I don't recall that I was doing anything special and my DBs are all small. Hope this helps.

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              I agree with morkus that there is an issue here, but my observation is that the issue is with the keyboard shortcuts for Copy (command + C) and possibly Cut (command + X). It may appear to be a problem with Paste (command + V) because nothing gets pasted, but in my observation that is because the clipboard was not loaded, i.e. nothing got copied. If I ever experience the problem I can always get around it using the Edit menu Copy or Cut command, and the use the keyboard shortcut to paste.

              My setup is Mac OSX 10.9.5 and FMA 14.0.4—though it has been an issue in all FM14 versions.

              ADD: The other thing I should add is that tho is intermittent behaviour. Sometimes after successfully pasting something FM then obliges by successfully copying using the keyboard shortcut. Like a naughty child, really—Oh, alright then, I'll do what you want me to!

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                I've seen exactly the same thing and reported it as a bug.  It goes away if you exit FileMaker and reenter the file.  While this is happening in FileMaker (cut/paste gone), it does work at the same time in other apps (Mail, Notes, etc.)  Mac OS X 10.11.2 and FileMaker Pro 14.04.

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                  Previous discussions for this problem seemed to conclude that the issue is somehow Apple's fault. I have not had this problem with any other app though. Ever. We are on OS X 10.11.2 and FMP 14.0.4 and get the same behavior.


                  Check out TSGal from FileMaker's comment towards the end of this discussion where it is suggested that Apple is responsible somehow:


                  Re: Update Mac OS cut, paste issue under 10.11

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                    Not to put words in your mouth, but that FM tech support said it's somehow "Apple's fault" seems totally ridiculous.


                    Programmers have TOTAL control over their internal data structures (whatever FMP is written in, C, presumably on Win and Obj-C on Mac). I would believe that "reproduciblity" could be very difficult with an intermittent bug like this, but saying that it's Apple's fault without lots of evidence won't get the issue fixed. I didn't see any evidence other than what TSGal (an excellent support person) said.


                    It would be interesting to see an Apple bug report documenting this issue as a known OS/X bug.


                    Perhaps FM needs to invest in some memory leak utilities. C is really tricky with memory management since the programmer has to do everything. C++ has similar issues.


                    Java Joke: Java is C++---, that is,"C plus plus, minus, minus" (Java requires no explicit programmer memory management, and it has no pointers).


                    Getting back on point and, as you correctly pointed out, for me too, I've never seen this issue with any of the 20 or so applications I use or the many, many, utilities I use as well.


                    Thanks for your reply!


                    - m


                    P.S. The bug rate in FM version to version seems higher than in other products I use (IDEs, profiling tools, word processors, database utilities like MySQL or Oracle, ...), since, in other products, I rarely encounter bugs like this.

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                      I've the same problem to copy text within FileMaker Advanced 14.0.4.

                      The ShortCut "CMD-C" is not working, but the EDIT/COPY is working.

                      It seems that FileMaker has a problem with that ShortCut.


                      The ShortCut "CMD-V" is working and also the EDIT/PAST is working.


                      Trying to copy with all other applications works fine, so it seems really to be a FileMaker issue.


                      Can you fix that?



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                        We have had the same problem since filemaker 14.0.2 on 3 different Mac's, when you try to copy with command-c it is not registered, there is no telltale in the menubar "blue box" over the "Edit" menu. If you manually open the Edit menu bar it will reactivate the shortcut and you can use command-c again.


                        Best regards


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                          I'm assuming that FM hasn't been able to reproduce the issue. It's only happened to me once. I didn't think to check the EDIT/PASTE menus, but it appears to be, based on what's been posted a keyboard issue.


                          Can you present a use-case or even a sample FM Solution that reliably demonstrates the issue? IOW, tell the FM developers: STEP 1: do this, STEP 2: do that, STEP 3: bug happens.


                          I'm sure the FM support person, TSPigeon, would love to have that sample for the FM devs so they could fix this issue.


                          - m

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                            If you are not able to use CMD + V, but can use the Copy under the Edit Menu, is it happening after a Print? This would be a known issue. If not, what's happening before the issue occurs?


                            There are some other reports where the commands randomly stop working. If anyone has a sample file or reliable steps to reproduce, just let me know!



                            FileMaker, Inc.

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                              My CMD+V not working didn't happen after a print, but as with your staff, I can't reproduce the issue readily.


                              Hopefully somebody can soon!


                              - m

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                                This CMD+C Bug happens very randomly and is very difficult to reproduce.

                                I'll observe how to reproduce this bug.


                                The CMD+V did always run correctly.



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                                  Just for your Info, this case is solved.

                                  FileMaker 14.0.5 solves this problems.

                                  This happenend after a save to PDF function.