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Most efficient way to ensure a table join

Question asked by on Dec 22, 2015
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This is a question that has troubled me for some time. It is really unfortunate because I'm sure again, that this is really simple.

I am using Filemaker pro 14. It is a medical database that I am building. I have a parent table named "patientID" and a child table named "procedure". It is a one-to-many relationship.

The key is the "MRN", which links the parent to child table. The relationships graph is as it should be with a one-to-many relationship.


This question is simply, what is the most efficient way to ensure that my key ("MRN") is carried over into the child table.


I have tried using a calculation field (does not allow a join), an auto-enter field (also does not seem to work). The only solution I have had for this is to do a manual script, which carries the MRN from parent to child table each time I open a new record in the new child table:


Set variable [mrn$ ; value: patientID::mrn]

(create new record)

Set Field [procedure::mrn; $mrn]


I highly suspect filemaker has a better way of doing this then how I am doing it, or maybe not.


Thanks for your thoughts!