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    'Re-use' records on a list report


      Hi all


      Apologies for the potential bad use of terminology in the title of this, it's pretty much the best way I can think of describing what I need in one line!


      I have a found set of 6 records which I am displaying on a list report, sorted by the Part name 'IncomeType' (Leading) and then totalled by the Part name 'IncomeType' (Trailing).  I am sorting the report by the same Part name.  So far, so good.


      I want to show the same rows immediately beneath, repeated, but with some mathematical changes to show percentage mark ups.  Obviously, I cannot include the PartName 'IncomeType' again as it's been used both leading and trailing in the necessary section above.


      How can I re-use the 6 records I have and get them to display in another part?


      Hopefully this is clear, thanks in advance

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          Couple of options:


          1) Use a temporary (scratch) table to assemble the records from the main table, then remove them when done.


          2) Use a Virtual List technique to build the desired data in a set of variables and display it from there.





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            Thanks for the help.


            I've gone with option 1 and used a script to populate new records to a temp table.  These few records are used in the relationship which then allows me to pull the correct information through to the temp table as calculations via the relationship.  I've found that to be much quicker than ...set variable...go to layout...set field...repeat. 


            I've also added a second sort field which will act as the second part in the final report and this is held against the dupe records while they exist.