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EvaluationError 8309?

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on Dec 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by beverly

Good day, all. I'm having a maddening issue with a SQL query. The query functions correctly on the desktop, but run under iOS, the statement consistently errors out - but only for one particular data input. Here's the query:


"SELECT DISTINCT syncHistory.keyValue " &

"FROM syncHistory JOIN " & $table & " ON syncHistory.keyValue = " & $field & 

" WHERE syncHistory.syncConnectorFileName = ?"


This parses normally, except when $table = "solutionSetting". (Which would make it read like this:)

SELECT DISTINCT syncHistory.keyValue

FROM syncHistory JOIN solutionSetting_FileB ON syncHistory.keyValue = solutionSetting_FileB.solutionSettingID 

WHERE syncHistory.syncConnectorFileName = syncConnectorInspectionAideProd


I have a similar query that also works flawlessly for every table name except "solutionSetting". That one looks like this:


SELECT solutionSetting_FileB.solutionSettingID

FROM solutionSetting_FileB LEFT OUTER JOIN syncHistory ON solutionSetting_FileB.solutionSettingID = syncHistory.keyValue

WHERE syncHistory.keyValue IS NULL


The query is being executed in a sync connector file that has joins to a hosted file (which is FileB) and a local file. The TOs are properly named. What I need is the key fields (which are UUIDs) in order to establish a join to each table being updated.


When I put in an EvaluationError ( ) function, it returns error code 8309 - which I can't find in the literature. Again, this works fine on the desktop, and works fine on iOS for every other table than solutionSetting. Anyone have a clue here?