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    Printing from Multiple Printers


      I am trying to create a printing station where people come up to an iPad, find their name, click check in and then a name badge is printed for them using FileMaker.


      I have everything all set up, except for the printers. I want to set up my script so that when an attendee signs in, it sends the print job to a printer based on their last name. When I created the script and created the different print functions, it doesn't let me select different printers (when I select Printer 2 and click 'Print' it goes back to Printer 1). I tried having the actual print functions in their own scripts that are called and it still will only print on printer 1.


      Am I doing something wrong or is there a specific plugin that I need in order to print from different printers?

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          you can't use plugins on filemaker go, and also the iPad's printing functionality is somewhat limited given it's usually via network printers.


          A plugin hooked up to a desktop kiosk would certainly be more flexible.


          That said, however, both the print setup script step and the print script step are filemaker go compatible, and compatible without dialog as well. The print script rolls back to the default printer if it can't find the specified printer, so your script should be as easy as:


          If [ Position ("NOPQRSTUVWXYZ"; Upper(Left(LastName;1)) ;1;1) > 0 ]
             Print Setup [ printer2 ]

             Print Setup [ printer1 ]

          End If

          This would redirect any user with a last name of N-Z to printer 2, and if that failed or if their last name began with anything else, it would go to printer 1 (or the default printer)

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            Sorry, I should have been more specific with my issue.


            I am using a MacMini (OSX Yosemite) as a FileMaker server 13 as well as using FileMaker Pro 13 on it. The Mac Mini will be running a script that will catch when someone has checked in and print the name badge, so I would need to be able to print using multiple printers from the MacMini, not the iPads.

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              In that case, check out 2EmpowerFM's hands-free printer plugin. Gives you complete control.



              The script I posted may still work for you on the filemaker server, the plugin would be the next step if you were unable to get that to work.