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    Insert Image via web direct.


      I am specifying my first web direct solution to a client and one of the requirements is that the users can upload an image from their mobile device to the database.

      I clearly see on FM14 Specs.

      Limitations on mobile browsers
      The following limitations apply when running FileMaker WebDirect on mobile browsers:

      • - Container fields support viewing of content only.  Inserting, exporting, and editing of container data is not supported.
      • - Some dialog boxes are not touch optimised


      So Assuming nothing has changed on this front my question is if there is any workaround?


      It would be a shame to have to go the custom web route?

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          You might be able to run a PHP script inside of a webviewer that allows for upload, and writes to filemaker via CWP.

          However that's purely theoretical.


          Another option would be to have filemaker open an email, have the user manually insert the image into the email, and send it. On the backend you would have a copy of some POP plugin (EG POP3It or 360works mail), that receives the email, reads the ID from the email, and then writes the attachment to filemaker.


          I am highly interested if you do find a solution for this.

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            that 2nd option is a very interesting concept and one that could be sold as an actual advantage.

            A link from the portal to "email supporting docs" would be good..

            Food for thought... let me play around with this and I will post any solution here..


            thanks for this., super idea..

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              Sure, I might be interested in collaborating offline for this, send me a message if you want to have a quick gotomeeting sometime.